Cosmetic velvet tampon - small (7 cm) 2 pcs

Cosmetic velvet tampon - small (7 cm) 2 pcs

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Manufacturer: Tierra Verde

EAN: 8594165007780

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Soft cosmetic tampon made of organic cotton velvet . It will replace hundreds of disposable make-up swabs.

Velvet make-up removers are soft and soft to the touch, suitable for perfect make-up every day. Thanks to the density of the velvet, it thoroughly cleanses your skin and allows it to breathe again.
In addition, they are a great alternative to disposable cotton swabs and help reduce waste.
Organic cotton swabs are not chemically bleached or dyed and are gentle not only on your skin but also on nature, unlike conventionally grown cotton, which can cause allergic reactions.

You can use tampons repeatedly, we recommend treating make-up stains with bile soap and washing with normal light laundry at 40-60 ° C.
Size: 7 cm
Made in India.

ORGANIC COTTON ECO-WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Stains should be treated with Bile SOAP or OLIVE SOAP WITH LEMON EXTRACT before washing. Cotton materials will appreciate washing in SOAP NUTS - they remain soft and breathable.
We can also use SOAP NUT WASHING GEL for washing. We recommend washing at 40-60 ºC. Shrinkage up to 5%. We do not use fabric softener on natural materials - it settles on the fibers and reduces the absorbency of the fibers.
For the final rinsing bath, we will use the LAUNDRY RINSE, which rinses the detergent residue from the material and thus keeps the laundry soft and breathable (it is not necessary if we wash in soap nuts).

WHY ORGANIC COTTON? Conventional cotton growing and the production of cotton clothing have a negative impact on the environment as well as on the farmers and workers who feed the textile industry. Cotton fields occupy less than 3% of the world's arable land, but consume about 25% of all insecticides and 10% of all herbicides. Chemicals that are banned in food production are used extensively for cotton cultivation. Cotton is one of the most genetically modified plants, especially to tolerate above-average doses of chemicals. About half a kilo of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are used to produce one T-shirt and one jeans. It is forbidden to use toxic chemicals that cause poisoning of agricultural workers and damage the environment, as well as genetically modified organisms, when growing and producing organic cotton. Certified farms strive to build a biologically diverse agricultural system and maintain soil fertility in a natural way. Unlike conventionally grown cotton, organic cotton does not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, it is suitable for children, allergy sufferers, eczema and people with sensitive skin.

CERTIFICATION Our organic cotton products meet the high standards of the international organization GOTS. The cultivation of organic cotton is monitored and controlled from the seed to the final processing of the fabric, including sewing. Inspectors also monitor the social conditions of workers ( video on growing and producing organic cotton ).