Sodium percarbonate - bleach, 1 kg

Sodium percarbonate - bleach, 1 kg

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Manufacturer: Fichema
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Ecological bleach for cleaning and washing.

Sodium percarbonate is used primarily as a bleach for cleaning and washing, especially suitable for washing diapers , and so on.

It is organic, decomposes into soda and peroxide during washing, which causes bleaching. Especially suitable for allergy sufferers . It can also be used to bleach wood, especially linden trees.

If you want to wash at lower temperatures (below 60 ° C), we recommend adding Taed , which promotes peroxide release at lower temperatures. About 5% is added.

The combination of percarbonate and TAED gives you an ecological and non-allergenic detergent for white and permanent color laundry.

Give about a third of the amount of normal washing powder. It saves money and health.

Also suitable for soaking (white or colorfast) laundry.
It can deal with wine or grass stains, it's a great helper for blood stains - just soak a bloody handkerchief in warm water with percarbonate and you'll be in trouble in a moment.
The advantage is that this solution will perfectly clean even the washbasin in which you put the handkerchief soaked.
Great degreaser .

CAS: 15630-89-4, ES: 239-707-6, Composition: Na 2 CO 3 .1,5 H 2 O2

Other names: Sodium percarbonate , Sodium percarbonate

Packed in a PE bottle for better dosing and longer shelf life. Keep the container closed out of the reach of children.

Danger: Harmful, oxidizing
H272 May intensify fire; oxidant.
H302 Harmful if swallowed.
H318 Causes serious eye damage.

Quality specification, parameters:
Oxygen content max. 11.9%
Network analysis> 1.40 mm max. 10%
<0.15 mm max. 3%
Bulk density 850–1200 g / l Humidity max. 1%