Shipping and payment

Goods is prepared for you after the payment is credited to our account.

  • Zásilkovna* - 60,-Kč

  • Czech Post**, balík na poštu - 80,-Kč (Delivery To Post Office)
  • Czech Post, balíkovna - 90,-Kč (Delivery To Post Office with priority handover)
  • Czech Post, balík do ruky - 110,-Kč (Delivery To Your Hands)

We are sorry, but personal handover is not available in this time.

  • in Vršovice - at the reception of 4D center, Kodaňská 1441/46, Prague 10

  • in Holešovice - !only by prior arrangement! via chat or via e-mail jitka@goforbio.cz

you can pay by

  • transfer to a bank account (mBank)
  • card or fast transfer through the payment gateway ComGate

Some of the products are not in stock for a good reason. We want to deliver them as fresh as possible.
Some of the manufacturers, such as Nobilis Tilia, are so wonderful that they do not make large stocks, but produce their products on an ongoing basis so that they don't spoil unnecessarily somewhere in the warehouse.
Then it can't happen that you buy a product that you will have to consume within a month, for example.

Zásilkovna's clients can use a dense network of dispensing places, of which there are currently almost 2,800 throughout the Czech Republic. The dispensing places consist mainly of ordinary shops, from which you can choose which one suits you best. You select the branch in the order form.
Shipments are usually delivered in 1-4 working days after it is sent to your chosen Branch Branch. You can pick up his package whenever you needs to, it only takes a few seconds. You can pick your package after receiving an SMS message with a password to pick up the shipment.

**Post office will try to deliver the order to you as standard 1-5 working days after receipt for transport.