About us

GoForBio.cz store is an English copy of the zezelenej.cz website
It arose from the desire to have everything needed in one place, and always at hand.

I found out that a lot of readers of my blog makroklid.cz, and participants in my handmade cosmetics courses, did not want to order ingredients in several places, and then wait to see if they will have everything at home in time.
They also did not want to produce everything that could be useful.
That's why I created this e-shop, where you will find basic ingredients that are suitable for homemade cosmetics, drugstore products, as well as ready-made natural products to take care of yourself, your family and friends.
And as time went by, I found out that only cosmetics is not enough,
so I looked at various accessories and housekeepers and various other beauties for pleasure.
Of course, everything is as eco-bio as possible. ;-)
As a bonus, I send most shipments from the store in recycled boxes.
E-shop GoForBioZezelenej, as well as the MakroKlid, is here for us
to make us feel good.
Jitka from GoForBio