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Alva natural cosmetics offer a wide range of products: from day care to tea tre oil specialties.
The hydration system with a double effect is unique, which you will find in the line for men.
Very popular are deodorant crystals, which can protect even in heavy sweating.
If you are bothered by acne and nothing works, try the Rhassoul line made of Moroccan clay stone, it has helped everyone so far.

Alva leaves the ingredients in their original state, and thus goes far beyond mere skin care: The harmonious combination of the individual ingredients leads to a dermatologically highly effective synergistic effect.
The raw materials are well absorbed by the skin and can thus be used in an excellent way.



In 2008, Stephen and Silvia Becker founded cosmondial GmbH & Co. KG.
Both had a clear idea that their natural cosmetics must be natural, must meet the requirements for quality cosmetics and keep up with the times, and must be accessible to all. They began to develop natural cosmetics that would meet their expectations.
Thus, in 2010, benecos cosmetics saw the light of day in Germany.

In the autumn of 2012, we launched the vegan care line NATURAL CARE. Customers liked it very much, so we decided to expand its offer in June 2015 with new products and the fragrances and packaging of benecos products got a "new face". We regularly expand our range in spring and autumn. We follow new trends, listen to customer wishes and expand the range of colors and individual products, but we always maintain the same high quality.

Our products are certified according to the BDIH directive for controlled natural cosmetics and do not contain paraffins, parabens, silicones, PEG or synthetic fragrances and dyes.
As well as quality ingredients, animal protection is important to us. There is no question that animal experiments are not in line with our corporate and life philosophy for us, as a manufacturer of certified natural cosmetics.
Benecos products bear the BDIH seal for controlled natural cosmetics *. One of the conditions for obtaining BDIH certification is that no animal testing is performed during production or product development. In addition, we are on the PeTa list for cosmetics without animal testing.
Where possible without loss of quality, our products do without animal products (eg without beeswax).



FICHEMA s.r.o. was founded in 2013 as a continuation of the company Mgr. Jan Fiala - FICHEMA, which was founded in 2001.

Its main goals are
- ensure that people of technical, food and pharmaceutical quality are available to people at a reasonable price
- education in the field of applied chemistry - how. eg easy and cheap to clean or wash. Further promote people's independence from expensive commercial products.
- show alternative effective routes
- bringing chemistry closer to people as a means of not spending a lot of money on inefficient work and cleaning agents and pool chemistry

Better educating people in chemistry = a lot of money saved on branded resources = raising living standards and greater independence from advertising.



Lavera is a world-famous German brand of natural and organic cosmetics, which was one of the first to get into drugstore chains. Its high quality and favorable prices have caused more customers to look at natural cosmetics as a financially acceptable variant of unnatural (chemical) products produced by the petrochemical and cosmetic industries.

For all skin types, including the most sensitive.
The history of the company began in 1975 in Thomas Haas, who developed neurodermitis in early childhood. But because the disease was still very little known at the time, doctors could not help him effectively. And so little Thomas soon began to wonder what the prescribed creams and conventional cosmetics actually contained and why they didn't do him any good.
During his studies, he opened one of the first health food stores in a few years, growing plants himself, making herbal extracts and developing his first recipes. His first product was lip balm. It worked so well that Lavera still offers it.
As he himself says: I need the cleanest and most sensitive care myself, so I place great emphasis on ensuring that our products provide long-term protection and do not irritate even allergic skin.
This is also one of the reasons why lavera is constantly looking for new ingredients and production processes in order to help problematic skin.

A world leader from a family business
Laverana GmbH started as a small family business on a farm near Hanover and over time has turned into a company with a hundred employees, which today produces controlled natural cosmetics on its own premises in the beautiful Deistergebirge region. The aim of the brand is to offer quality cosmetics with a purely natural composition, which is suitable for sensitive and allergic skin, as well as for children and our little ones.

The highest quality guaranteed by certification
Lavera natural cosmetics have never compromised on quality. 100% natural ingredients and effective combinations of herbs are the basis of its composition.
In addition to the NATRUE certificate, which guarantees the quality and naturalness of the product and all the ingredients used, lavera is proud of many awards from international juries or the best ratings in eco-tests.



In 2019, the Almqvist family decided, mainly because of the demanding care of a sick baby, to cook more laundry and cosmetics soaps, which they had been producing for several years for their formerly eczematous children.
They decided that if their business went a little, they would quit their work and finally do whatever they needed for their oldest and what they needed a sea of ​​time for. Thank you all, it's possible now!

Soap is said to be something, but there is a lot that soap can do for or against our skin. Even if we are only talking about solid soap, because it is liquid, loaded with preservatives and other allergenic ingredients, it is already far beyond the horizon of gentle cosmetics for us and nature.
So what is best about soaps from Mýdlovar?
It is clearly the quality of the composition from selected sources, thought out for various skin types and skin ailments. Soap for babies, for face, for hair, for men, for mature, eczematous and dry skin, but also for washing, washing dishes and other cleaning.

Soaps smell only with essential oils and color only with vegetable dyes, so they are completely non-toxic.
Let yourself be enchanted by cocoa and shea butter, hemp and laurel oil, marigold extract ... And get to know the plant color indigo, alkanna, Moroccan or pink clay, essential oil of lavender, cinnamon, lemon grass...

In our soap factory, nature is most important to us. We want to help her with our soaps - free them from liquid means, use as many local raw materials as possible, pack soaps and transport packaging ecologically - in recycled packaging.
Our soap can become a friend of your entire household, so anything you release will be non-toxic to aquatic organisms.
Soap for hair, body, laundry and dishes ...
Soap for the heart with joy to help.



The company Nobilis Tilia has been engaged in the production of aromatherapy cosmetics, education and awareness-raising activities in the field of aromatherapy since 1994.
The company rejects the principle of animal raw materials and animal experiments, and the only animal raw material in the products is valuable and effective beeswax. It makes maximum use of raw materials from organic farming (bio).
It is produced without synthetic and preservatives, and whenever possible, the products are 100% natural. If conservation is necessary, they use their own, specially developed conservation system.

The founder of PaedDr. Zbyněk Šedivý graduated from the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague. Since 1990, he has been professionally involved in learning about medicinal plants and their effects on humans and their overall appearance. He bases his work on the anthroposophical principle according to R. Steiner and his effort to integrate man into the existence of living systems on this planet.
In 1994, he founded the aromatherapy cosmetics brand Nobela, which he then renamed Nobilis Tilia - Krásná Lípa (after the town, which forms the center of the beautiful natural area of ​​Bohemian Switzerland).
The company was based in a lease in Krásná Lípa until 2003, when it moved to Vlčí Hora, where it is based to this day.

A year later, Nobilis became a limited liability company and to Dr. Gray is joined by Adéla and Petr Zrubečtí. The company begins to expand abroad - first to Slovakia and then to England, France, Japan, Taiwan and other countries.
The company's business interest is quite wide and includes not only the sale of raw materials for the production of its own cosmetics, the sale of quality vegetable oils and essential oils, some of which are available in organic quality, but also its own designer cosmetics.
It is produced directly in Vlčí Hora on the company's premises, where it is also packaged and sent to customers from there.
Within the company, there is an executive laboratory, which is dedicated to its own research into the effectiveness and safety of their cosmetics.



The young Bulgarian company Nordics has decided to stop the proliferation of plastic toothbrush waste.
They have developed and manufactured bamboo toothbrushes that wrap in recycled paper, even bristles, and the inner casing is made of recycled nylon, which is fully degradable.



The PURITY VISION brand brings modern products that satisfy today's needs and trends. It combines the latest scientific knowledge with traditional and time-tested methods.
The main goal of PURITY VISION products is to offer the highest possible quality and at the same time a friendly price, so that everyone can really take care of their health and beauty. It supports social projects in developing countries, monitors trends in nutrition and human health around the world.
It searches in the most modern laboratories and is inspired by the wisdom of ancient cultures - it brings you the best and most effective under the PURITY VISION brand.

The products are, if possible, certified in BIO quality, and because they are really 100% natural, some can be used in many ways - as cosmetics or as raw materials for cooking and baking.
They respect the ecological aspect both during production and during transport and sale. The PURITY VISION brand represents values ​​such as quality, reliability, frugality and hope for the country and humanity.



The Saloos brand was established as a family company in 1993 and has gradually developed into a major manufacturer of natural certified cosmetics in the Czech Republic.
From the beginning, it focused on the use of scents and the effects of plants on humans, and in the field of aromatherapy biocosmetics, it quickly became one of the best.

Saloos body, essential and massage oils meet all the demanding requirements for beauty and health care. Cold-pressed Saloos oils then contain the highest amount of natural substances and represent a truly exceptional care, suitable even for the smallest ones.
Saloos castor or argan oil is definitely one of the most popular.
Saloos cosmetics provide a complete line for facial and body skin and pleasantly cares for overall well-being. It will enrich your daily life and help you easily achieve harmony of body and soul.

Honesty and the highest level of responsibility have accompanied Saloos since the very beginning of the brand. They rely heavily on the selection of all raw materials from proven suppliers. They are connected with them by long-term relationships as well as an orientation towards first-class quality.
They never use cheap substitutes for their products, such as soybean oil, and we only work with cold-pressed oils.



Sonett has been a pioneer in the field of eco-drugstore since 1977, ie a drugstore that is friendly to the environment and the human body.
Sonett manufactures washing powders, liquid detergents, dishwasher tablets and other effective household products. In the products, you will increasingly find raw materials from dynamic or organic agriculture, such as olive, rapeseed or coconut oil, palm oil or essential oils.
Sonett products are therefore 100% biodegradable and non-allergenic. Therefore, they are safe even for the more sensitive skin of allergy sufferers or children.



Tierra Verde s.r.o. was founded in 2008 and is a Czechoslovak company without foreign participation.
It develops daily necessities with the least possible negative impact on health and the environment and at the same time with the most favorable impact on humans, society and the planet.
The founder of the company is Nataša Foltánová, who was looking for a friendly drugstore and was fascinated by soap nuts, which became the basis of her eco-friendly eco-drugstore.
With love and respect for the country, he produces the ecological drugstore YELLOW & BLUE, menstrual cups GAIA CUP, organic cotton products CASA ORGANICA products from recycled materials BORN AGAIN, cosmetic products and aids MAMA NATURA and also air fresheners TIERRA VERDE.

We believe that the world in which we live is created by our daily actions and decisions. Every decision today, every action is a choice of how we want our world to look tomorrow.
Freedom of choice is also a manifestation of responsibility to ourselves and to the world around us.
Our certainty is the knowledge that there is always an alternative.
Our goal is to (re) discover, develop, manufacture and offer daily necessities with the least possible negative impact on health and the environment and at the same time with the best possible impact on humans, society and the Planet.
People from Tierra Verde



Wolfberry is a Czech importer and manufacturer of progressive foods, natural supplements and superfoods. It offers organic, raw and 100% organic products that are a source of nutrients and healthy substances.
The raw materials are imported from all over the world from local growers and farmers, thus guaranteeing the highest quality, not only of the raw materials themselves, but also of processing and beneficial effects on your body.
The company follows the motto "Synergy of nature", and therefore make sure that their products are in balance with nature and its ecosystem.
Wolfberry also offers an eco-drugstore focused on skin care, oral hygiene, as well as ecological cleaning and disinfecting agents.